7 Ways to Make Money From Your Facebook Page

Step 1: Establish Your Value Proposition The first step to making money from your Facebook page is to make sure that your audience understands why they should pay attention to you in the first place. What can you do for them that nobody else can? Is it that you’re funny, helpful, or informative? Is it that you offer free products, advice, or entertainment? Whatever your value proposition might be, make sure it’s clear and people understand why you matter to them personally.

1) Sell Custom Post Tabs
Add a Custom Post Tab for $9.99 and make money from your Facebook page in just minutes! Custom Post Tabs are an easy way for businesses and bloggers to add a new revenue stream and increase their online earnings. Here are 7 ways that you can use your Custom Post Tab:

  • Offer a paid service, such as webinars or online courses
  • Sell products, such as eBooks or digital downloads
  • Create a fan club with monthly membership fees
  • Ask followers to donate funds in support of your mission
  • Provide premium content through an RSS feed or live video feed
  • Sell advertising spots on your page
  • Share products with affiliate links Using custom post tabs is the perfect opportunity to share other people’s products with your followers and earn commissions when they buy something through one of those links.
  • Increase engagement by promoting other pages: The custom post tab lets you promote other pages by linking them at the bottom of every post. You don’t even have to worry about putting together a status update because the Custom Post Tab takes care of it for you!

2) Offer to Promote Products/Services in Exchange for Freebies
Start by posting links to your favorite products or services. Offer a coupon code for new customers, or maybe a special deal just for your followers. You can also upload photos of the things you love. As long as they are products or services that you believe in and would like to endorse, this is a great way to make money from your Facebook page profit! The only thing better than getting something free yourself is getting it free while helping someone else out too!
A lot of people who post on their Facebook page use their social media marketing skills to offer their product reviews and analysis. They will take advantage of an opportunity for freebies in exchange for writing about them on their social media pages. Many companies offer these types of campaigns because they know it will help them grow more quickly with a large following promoting it all over the place. When you become a fan of their page, they’ll contact you to ask if you want to be part of one of these promotions. So don’t forget to stay tuned in order to increase your chances of making some money off facebook page profit!

3) Offer Products on Your Own Site
If you want to make money from your page, then you need to offer products and services on your own site. This will give you the opportunity to earn a commission on these sales. There are many ways for you to do this: You can sell anything from books, DVDs, clothing, or even hand-crafted items that you create by yourself. Whatever it is that you’re selling, make sure it’s something that people are willing to buy! The best way to figure out what sells well is by doing some research online before committing to any purchases.
It’s important to remember that social media marketing does not happen overnight. It takes time for traffic and popularity of your page to build up.
You’ll also need content – posts, pictures, videos – in order for people to keep coming back every day and increasing their interaction with your brand. The more engagement you have, the more opportunities for people to see your posts (which means more exposure) and the more likely they’ll click on your link which drives them to visit your online store where they can purchase a product.
One great example of an established business using their facebook page as an online earnings tool is Dell computers. With over 3 million followers, Dell offers customers access to special discounts through their online store as well as inside information about new products through updates and quizzes.

4) Host Giveaways for Contests
Hosting giveaways for contests is a great way to generate buzz and increase your reach. You can use a contest as an incentive for people to like your page, share photos or purchase products. This method is also a great way to make money online through your facebook page! People will enter your contest with the hope of winning some sort of prize from you. Offer up a gift card to Amazon in exchange for their entry, so you can profit from it. You could offer them a free sample of something they’re interested in buying if they buy it from your store first. If you have products on ebay, offer them an eBay auction item. Or get creative and offer them some personal advice or teaching about what you know best!
There are many ways to profit from facebook page that are outside the box!

5) Do Sponsored Posts
Facebook is the world’s largest social media platform and has a vast audience. With over 1 billion active users, there are many ways to generate online earnings from your Facebook page. One way is through sponsored posts. When you run a sponsored post on your page, you will be paid by the company or individual who wants their posts seen by your followers.
With a little bit of time and effort, you can start making money right away with sponsored posts and do something as simple as following a few simple guidelines:
1) Determine what type of sponsored post will work best for your page – Do you want companies to pay for your product reviews? A coupon code? Posting an event? Sponsored posts don’t have to be limited to one thing either. You could create different types of sponsored posts that offer different benefits depending on the situation or need of a company looking to advertise.
2) Take quality pictures – In order for people to share your post with others, it needs to look appealing. Facebook isn’t always happy when they see blurry pictures so if possible use pictures that show up well and look professional enough so they’re not deleted due to poor quality content. 3) Write catchy captions- Most times if someone likes or shares your post it’s because they’re intrigued enough by the caption you wrote that they want other people know about it too. Use this chance wisely! (continue posting strategies here).

6) Write Articles for Other Sites
1) Sell products. You can create a Facebook store that integrates with your page, or you can create a Facebook Page that promotes certain products. 2) Create and sell a course. You can use your Facebook page as part of your marketing strategy for an online course, or you can even create an online course about the best strategies for running your business on Facebook! 3) Sell advertising space. Brands may want to advertise on your page because they want their content to be seen by people who are already interested in their product or service. 4) Ask followers for donations. If you have a cause-based Facebook page, ask followers if they would like to donate any amount of money in exchange for getting updates from the organization’s activities and initiatives. 5) Ask followers for feedback. Asking followers for feedback is one of the most powerful ways to make money from your Facebook page. Letting followers know that their opinions are important will give them a reason to return to your page regularly. 6) Promote sponsored ads on other pages and sites. One way that brands try to reach people who don’t follow them on Facebook is by buying ads on other pages and sites.

7) Get Noticed by Influencers
When you want to market your Facebook page and make money, it’s important to get noticed by influencers who can share your content with their followers. Here are some ways you can get the attention of influencers:

  • Write a blog post or guest post on their site
  • Share interesting content that they will find valuable
  • Comment on one of their posts or upload a photo on one of their walls
  • Create an event and invite them as a speaker
  • Follow them and like everything they post (as long as it’s appropriate) – Subscribe to their email list
  • Link to their website from your Facebook page
  • Encourage people in your community to follow them

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